Better than busy

Plot is a calendar that reduces meeting overload so you can engage well while making progress on what moves you forward.

We're currently onboarding early adopters personally to ensure we deliver on the level of transformation we intend.

What is your ideal work week?


Everything Else


Team meetingCross-functional project sync1:1 with your managerSprint planningQuarterly business reviewWeekly check-inDepartment all-hands meeting1:1s with your direct reportsHiring committeeBug triageDesign reviewProject status reviewQuarterly planningProject retrospectiveBrainstorming session1:1 with your skip-level managerStandupBudget planning meetingLaunch reviewCandidate interviewExecutive reportingIncident postmortemStrategy discussionPerformance reviewOnboarding sessionMetrics reviewVendor evaluationProject kickoffCampaign planningCompliance training

Deep focus workCollaborate with colleagues on a projectPrepare for a meeting to make it effective for all attendeesAnalyze customer data for new insightsReview the performance of the latest launchLearn a new skill through a courseDraft a proposal for a new projectPerfect an executive presentationResearch industry trendsReview and respond to messagesPrioritize and plan upcoming workUpdate project documentationMargins between meetingsPrepare for a performance reviewAttend a team-building activityBrainstorm ideas for a new campaignTest new software or toolsAttend a professional development workshopHallway conversationsReview and edit a colleague's workPrepare for a client presentationProvide feedback on a coworker's performanceDevelop a new strategyMentor a colleagueConduct user researchCreate training materials

A calendar that works for you

  • Find and protect time for what matters
  • Always prepared, with 100% follow-through
  • Put meetings on a diet with clever alternatives